Pixel Mago Speedlite for Canon - First Impression

Pixel Mago Speedlite Review

I'm so excited as Pixel Enterprise Ltd. accept me as one of the beta testers on their flagship Speedlite - Mago Speedlite. I got the package by DHL Express and I have to pay $30.00 for custom and tax. How nice it is !

As a wedding photographer, I rely heavily on blending ambient natural light with flash. Until recently, there is a lot photographers or clients mention about natural light photography. That really create a hype in the wedding photography industry. Natural Light Photography look great when you have time to prepare the shot. Like bride beside a window. But most of the time in wedding photography, things happen so fast in wedding day. I need to capture every memorable  emotion and expression of bride and guests. I will discuss more on this topic next time.


Back to the Pixel Mago Speedlite. It come in a White with red/pink trim box. You can find all product photos and specification here http://www.pixelhk.com/Product.aspx?proSortID=2333&NodesID=20201.


Speedlite build quality is pretty good. It do not show any sign of a cheapo. Control and menu is easy to understand.

The Flash Diffuser that come with DO NOT fit the speedlite at all. It is so loose and it won't stay on speedlite with any movement. The other big problem to me is the External Power Socket is not compatible to Canon standard. I use external power pack for my work all time. I don't understand the reason why they put a different socket here.


The rotation mechanism of the flash head is much better than most of other non Canon flash. At least flash head stay 90degree vertical after I can put my Rogue FlashBender Reflector on the speedlite with some movement. 

I took the Mago for a real wedding photography session 2 weeks ago :

Mago Speedlite as key light :
The E-TTL work great most of the time but I need more time to check it out. I have about 1 in 10 photos with flash over-explosed. Since I'm using Yongnuo YN-622C wireless triggering system. May be there is some incompatibility between this 2 manufacturers. I tried the Mago on my Canon EOS 5D Mark III hotshoe and it seems no problem at all.

Mago Speedlite as slave :
E-TTL work great as well most of the time. I have a few over-exposed photos as well. I was still using the same Yongnuo YN-622C wireless trigger system. Remote manual setting on YN-622C-Tx do not work on Mago at all. Also the standby system do not really shut down the speedlite. I left the speedlite SLEEP over night and battery all gone the next day. I really assume it will auto-shutdown some how ... My bad.

This is one of the photo from the wedding...


Conclusion :

Very satisfy with the build quality and TTL accuracy of Mago. But not sure which wireless trigger system will best fit the speedlite right now. Hope a later firmware update from either manufacturers(Pixel and Yongnuo) will solve the problem. External power socket has to change back to Canon type .. please. For a full function TTL speedlite under $100.00, I can't think you can go any wrong...


More detail testing on here






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