Sarah & Edward - Toronto Wedding

bridesmaids and bride having their night out

It was such a great experience to work with young and energetic couples Sarah and Edward. The arrangement on the wedding day is not stressful at all. Everyone was enjoying the moment from the beginning of bridal preparation.

Hair make up for the bride

Nothing is better than hair make up by your best friend....


Bride and bridesmaid having fun before leaving for ceremony.

usfie for the bride and bridesmaid

Can leave without this "usflie"

behind the veil    Great smile behind the veil

Bride by the window at King Edward Hotel, Toronto

Ceremony at Bayview Golf Club, Toronto

Groom and Bride posing

bridal party start to pose as my direction


Bridal Party is full of energy ....

bouquet toss

bouquet in the air

She caught the bouquet

Bouquet tossing is alwasys one of the challenging sequence of wedding photography.

Having fun in the dance party

Boys always found something fun to play with ..... !

I will say this is not a perfectly organize wedding but it really give you full of surprise and energy.


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