Intercultural Wedding

beautiful bride and groom photo

It is not new or uncommon to have intercultural wedding in Toronto or Canada. I have been photographed quite a few of them. Tara and Tylor are such a nice and fun couples to work with. Really enjoy the colorful setting.

Bridal make-up and preparation

Enjoy the moment, relax and being natural is the key in wedding photography


 My style of photography is focus on emotions and expression instead of posed and staged. What else is better than your mom and dad do a final touch up on your wedding day.

mom and dad final touch up for the bride

Photography is all about LIGHT. This is an example of Beautiful light from the window. Bride was doing the final check on before she leave the house.

I see a beautiful bride there

Ready to get going ...... !!!

We have this wonderful wedding day

 Focus in the ceremony

Bride and Groom focus in wedding ceremony


Having fun with bridal party

portrait of bride and groom

First Dance is what is need

Romance on the first dance - wedding party


Dragging the SHUTTER with FLASH is my favourite.

Dragging the shutter with flash make this special effect

Queen of the day - Tara the Bride



All photographes are created and edited by Kam Yau - Toronto Wedding Photographer

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